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Refractive Index Standards

A range of sucrose standards for use in the calibration and verification of all types of refractometer e.g. handheld, Abbe and high accuracy digital instruments. Sucrose standards are manufactured using traceable high purity materials to four decimal places following ICUMSA methods. They are the only standards available world -wide which carry a full BS EN ISO / IEC17025 certificate of calibration with each bottle.

Sucrose solutions are ideal for use in the food and beverage industries and are available in various concentrations depending on the end users application. Unique concentrations can also be manufactured upon request.

You can save money by using our yearly subscription package, which also allows you to place one order while still receiving a regular supply of the chosen certified standard.

Key Benefits

  • Certified in accordance with ISO 17025 under UKAS accreditation
  • Primary level refractive index standards traceable to National Standards
  • Manufactured in accordance with ICUMSA Methods under a UKAS accreditation to ISO Guide 34
  • Supplied in 15mL tamper evident packs with 6 weeks shelf life
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Monthly delivery contracts available for economy and convenience
  • Sucrose Brix / RI Standards

    Paragon ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 certified brix standards are for the calibration and verification of all types of refractometer e.g handheld, Abbe and high accuracy digital instruments. Typically used within the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

    Order Code Certified Value Brix Index
    SS00 Pure Water 0 1.33299
    SS05 5 +/-0.02% 5 1.34026
    SS075 7.5 +/-0.02% 7,5 1.34400
    SS10 10 +/-0.02% 10 1.34782
    SS112 11.2 +/-0.02% 11.2 1.349681
    SS115 11.5 +/-0.02% 11.5 1.35015
    SS12 12 +/-0.02% 12 1.35092
    SS125 12.5 +/-0.02% 12.5 1.35171
    SS15 15 +/-0.02% 15 1.35568
    SS20 20 +/-0.02% 20 1.36384
    SS25 25 +/-0.02% 25 1.37233
    SS30 30 +/-0.02% 30 1.38115
    SS35 35 +/-0.02% 35 1.39032
    SS40 40 +/-0.02% 40 1.39986
    SS45 45 +/-0.02% 45 1.40978
    SS50 50 +/-0.02% 50 1.42009
    SS55 55 +/-0.02%) 55 1.43080
    SS60 60 +/-0.02% 60 1.44193

    Oil RI Standards

    Calibration Oils are one of the most commonly used materials for calibrating refractometers as they have good traceability, particularly to NIST. Having a high temperature co-efficient, calibration oils are used where strict temperature control is adopted, either by Peltier or external waterbath between 10 and 75 °C. Calibration Oils are batch manufactured and so values may differ slightly from published data. Oils are supplied in multipacks of 5 x 5ml bottles with a certificate of calibration, MSDS and pipettes and have an expiry date 12-months from date of dispatch.

    For refractometers operating at high temperatures where water starts to evaporate, an oil may be used as a zero calibration medium. Typical applications include those in the confectionery, edible oil and mineral oil marketplaces.

    Order Code Nature Temp Certified Value
    PS-RI-BSLP Liquid Parafin 20C 1.46700
    PS-RI-BSDC Silicone Fluid 20C 1.51000
    PS-RI-BSDD Silicone Fluid 20C 1.56000

    All values stated are nominal.

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