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Tamson TV12LT Low-Temperature Circulating Bath

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New! Kinematic viscosity baths for low temperatures!

The TV12LT is a unique small-sized bench top visibility bath. Working temperature ranges from -50°C up to +80°! An integrated cooling system is able to lower the bath temperature down to -50°C. The cooling power can be controlled so that the heat removal capacity is trimmed to the desired set point temperature, saving up to 75% of energy in comparison to conventional systems.

Tamson viscometer and Tamson calibration baths are specially designed for tests requiring an ultra precise temperature control, or processes which need to be followed visually, e.g. viscometry, thermometer and sensor calibration, density and reaction rate measurement. The TV12LT has heated windows keeping them clear and preventing built up of moisture. The window-heating is thermostat driven and kept around 30°C. Even when the bath is switched off (during the night), you can keep the window heating on, preventing the built up of condensate on the window because of the cold bath liquid.

The cover of the bath has 4 round 51 mm holes with lids, for suspending glass capillary viscometers in holders. A permanent light is located in the top plate to supply clear light and guarantee optimal visibility inside the bath. The TV12LT has a bath volume of only 15 litres. A bath overflow outlet protects against expanding bath fluid when the bath filling is too high. The bath can be emptied via a drain. If bath fluid expands at higher set point temperatures overflow of bath is protected via an outlet. A LED fluid level indicator alarms when fluid level is too low. The bath is fitted with adjustable feet for leveling.

Why your jet fuel kinematic viscosity measurements can improve

The TV12LT will give the most accurate kinematic viscosity results.The TV12LT can be operated from -50C up to +80°C in steps of 0.01°C. The readout is in 0.01°C. Overall accuracy is better than +/- 0.02°C over the whole temperature range. The homogeneity is better than 0.02°C. The ASTM D445 method requires +/- 0.05°C. However, we know that a temperature instability of 0.02C is already causing a measuring fault of 0.5%. Can you imagine what will happen if a fluctuation of 0.1°C (+/- 0.05°C) is allowed? Therefore, it is important that the TV12LT is the most stable bath in the world compared to other brands which are just stating that there bath is conform ASTM D445.

TV12LT is strictly conform ASTM D445. After a temperature dip (viscometers are put in the bath), the TV12LT is the only bath which is already stable after 11 minutes. The methods allows 30 minutes, but most of the baths in the market place do not meet this requirement.

Tamson viscometer and Tamson calibration baths are specially designed for tests that require ultra-precise temperature control, or processes that need to be followed visually, e.g. viscometry (conforms to ASTM D445, IP71-1), thermometer and sensor calibration, density and reaction rate measurement, etc. The bath is fitted with a double window with a detachable front pane  for easier cleaning. The window is heated, preventing built up of condensate.

The stainless steel construction ensures exceptionally stable temperatures which is further improved by an ingenious stirring mechanism with baffle plates. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel and PTFE, providing resistance against all usual bath fluids. The bath is fitted with adjustable feet for levelling.The cover of the bath has four round 51 mm holes with lids for suspending glass capillary viscometers in holders. The use of thermo insulated windows and window heating ensures excellent visibility. A permanent LED light is located in the top plate to supply bright light and guarantee optimal visibility inside the bath. A bath overflow outlet protects against overfilling of expanding bath oil.

A vane type stirrer with maintenance free bearings moves the bath fluid past a special heater ensuring optimal control temperature and excellent uniformity.

Dependable from ordering code. Span lies from -50°C/-58°F up to + 80°C/176°F

The bath conforms to CE-regulation. The bath is also equipped with a mechanical over temperature device which trips in case of malfunction or if the bath exceeds the preset maximum temperature. This feature guarantees safe, around-the-clock operation.

The system overall accuracy is within ± 0.005°K

Fine adjustment and offset
After the bath has stabilized, the set point may be more accurately adjusted in the range of –5.00° to + 5.00°, if necessary.

Ambient condition
For proper cooling performance, ambient temperature needs to be within the range of 18 to 23°C.

• Optical Level indicator 07T0080
• Calibration leveling platform 13T6200, 13T6210

Part No. Description
OOT0415 TV12LT Low-Temperature Circulating Bath

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