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Tamson TC16 for IP227 Silver Corrosion/Aviation Turbine Fuels

Tamson TC16 for IP227

Main Characteristics
This test method specifies a method for the determination of the corrosive tendencies towards silver, of aviation turbine fuel. The result is classified as an integer in the range 0 to 4.

Silver Corrosion InstrumentDownloadable PDF

TC16 Circulator with temperature range from ambient to 250°C, 230V-50Hz~60Hz, Temperature stability ± 0.02. Bath is conform IP227 and equipped with a cover with six holes for six teststations. The bath offers place for six test tubes.

The bath conforms to CE regulation.

Part No. Description Accuracy Temperature Range Bath Volume Weight
00T0671 IP227 Corrosiveness of Silver 0.01 °C 5 to 250°C 16 litre 21.0 kg

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