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Tamson TV Viscosity Baths

D445, D2162

This test method specifies a procedure for the determination of the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products, both transparent and opaque, by measuring the time for a volume of liquid to flow under gravity through a calibrated glass capillary viscometer.

Main Characteristics

Bath can be operated from ambient +5°C up to +230°C (41..446°F). With the use of the built-in cooling coil and an external Tamson cooler, span lies 5K above the temperature of the cooling liquid. The TV2000, TV4000 and TV7000 have a bath volume of 20, 40 and 70 liters respectivily. The TV2000 offers two rows of 2 and 1 holes with lids. The TV4000 and TV7000 have a stainless steel cover with 7 openings and lids and is available with up to 11 openings. These will accommodate glass capilary viscometers in viscometer holders. The TV4000DC has the same specific qualities as the TV4000, but with a uniqe stability of 0.0007°C at 40°C. The TV7000 is often used to calibrate long thermometers, to calibrate master viscometers or for oxidation stability tests. A bath overflow outlet protects from expanding bath oil when the bath filling is too high. A bath drain is standard included. The bath is fitted with a double window of which the front pane is detachable for cleaning purposes.

Special Features

• Standard drain to empty bath.
• 0.01 readout in display
• Standard overflow outlet
• Unique temperature stability
• Large windows
• Removable outside window panes

TV12 Series

TV2000 Series

TV4000 Series

TV7000 Series

TV16000 Series

Part No. Description Tube Holders Opening Accuracy Temperature Range Bath Volume Weight
00T0405 TV12 115V-50Hz 4 244 x 75 mm 0.002 °K 20 to 120°C 12 litre 40.0
00T0784 TV2000 115V-60Hz 3 130 x 165 mm 0.01 °K 20 to 230°C 20 litre 50.0
00T0774 TV4000 115V-60Hz 7 260 x 240 mm 0.01 °K 20 to 230°C 40 litre 60.0
00T0804 TV4000DC 115V-60Hz 7 260 x 240 mm ±0.002°K@40°C, ±0.005°K@100°C, ±0.010°K@150°C 5 to 230°C 40 litre 41.0
00T0794 TV7000 115V-60Hz 7 260 x 240 mm 0.01 °K 20 to 230°C 70 litre 70.0
00T0492 TV16000 115V-60Hz 9 250 x 365 mm 0.005 °K 10 to 60°C 160 litre 135.0
00T0412 TV12LT 115V-60Hz 4 248 x 73mm 0.014 °K -40 to 20°C 15 litre 70.0
00T0465 TV4000LT 115V-60Hz 7 260 x 240 mm 0.02 °K -40 to 100°C 40 litre 120.0
00T0445 TV7000LT 115V-60Hz 7 260 x 240 mm 0.02 °K -40 to 100°C 70 litre 150.0

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